Class Pages

Teachers provide a wide range of information about your child’s learning on these pages so please have a look.

What can I do at home to help?

  • Check your child’s book bag and the grid in the homework journal to see what homework has to be completed.
  • Practise multiplication facts.
  • Read together and talk about a book.

Reception RB

Miss Begum

Year 1S

Miss Siddika

Year 3H

Mrs Hepworth

Year 4T

Mrs Matin

Year 6G

Mrs Gorji

Reception RM

Miss Manzi

Year 2D

Miss Duong

Year 3L

Mr Lampard

Year 5A

Miss Ali

Year 6H

Mr Heighington

Year 1L

Miss Begum

Year 2H

Mrs Hantar

Year 4M

Miss McClelland

Year 5D

Miss Davies

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