Our Staff

During your child’s time at Old Palace Primary School, the children will get to know a range of adults and professionals in helping them learn and achieve to the best of their ability.

A full list of staffing and it’s structure can be found below:

Old Palace Primary School Staffing 2020-21


Teaching Staff

Mr G Palmer Head teacher
Miss A Millward Deputy Head teacher, DSL & Y6 Leader
Mr M Manalo CPD, D&T & Y5 Leader
Miss S Begum Assistant head teacher (KS1 & English Leader)
Miss McClelland Assistant head teacher (LKS2 & Maths Leader)
Mr L Rahman Assistant head teacher (Reception & H&S Leader)
Ms D Kurup Assistant Head teacher & SENCO
Mr S Heighington Support teacher & Music Leader
Miss N Begum Foundation Stage class teacher
Mrs D White Foundation Stage class teacher
Miss M Duong Year 1 class teacher
Mrs Y Naeem Year 1 class teacher & Interventions leader
Mr J Argent Year 2 class teacher
Mrs E Hantar Year 2 class teacher & Maths Leader
Mr R Lampard Year 3 class teacher & Computing Leader
Miss S Siddika Year 3 class teacher
Miss T Matin Year 4 class teacher & Science Leader
Ms D Davies Year 4 class teacher & Art Leader
Miss E Conlon Year 5 class teacher & PHSCE Leader
Miss F Ali Year 5 class teacher
Mr J King Year 6 class teacher
Miss R Yasmin Year 6 class teacher
Mrs H Hepworth Modern Foreign Language teacher
Mrs E Dias-Patel Support teacher
Ms M Dawson Support teacher
Mr G Jandrell Cover teacher & Drama Specialist
Miss L Begum Class teacher (Maternity leave)
Mrs S Gorji Class teacher & RE Leader (Maternity leave)
Vacant Humanities Leader
Vacant PE Leader


Support Staff

Vacant Nursery Nurse
Mr J Cobblah Sports teaching assistant
Miss Z Amin Teaching assistant
Mr H Ali Teaching assistant
Mrs M Araba Teaching assistant
Ms H Begum Teaching assistant
Mrs RR Begum Teaching assistant
Ms S Begum Teaching assistant
Mrs S Ibrahim Ali Teaching assistant
Miss N Gomez Teaching assistant
Mr T Hassan Teaching assistant
Mrs R Jasmin Teaching assistant
Mrs J Nehar Teaching assistant
Mrs Y Nehar Teaching assistant
Miss Z Sharif Teaching assistant
Mrs D O’Dea Senior SEND teaching assistant
Mrs A Stephanou Senior SEND teaching assistant
Mrs B Begum Senior SEND teaching assistant
Mrs R Ahmed SEND teaching assistant
Mrs Z Ahmed SEND teaching assistant
Mr A Artan SEND teaching assistant
Ms R Begum SEND teaching assistant
Miss A Campbell SEND teaching assistant
Ms M Hutton SEND teaching assistant
Ms M Mirza SEND teaching assistant
Miss S Khanam SEND teaching assistant
Mrs S Khatun SEND teaching assistant
Mrs J Dawson SEND teaching assistant
Mrs S Akter SEND teaching assistant (Maternity leave)
Ms S Khanam SEND teaching assistant (Maternity leave)
Forida Rahman Parent support worker
Shelly Rahman Parent support worker
Ms S Begum Midday supervisor
Ms H Begum Midday supervisor
Ms E Ferraro Midday supervisor
Mr T Hasan Midday supervisor
Mrs A Mohamoud Midday supervisor
Mrs Y Nehar Midday supervisor
Mrs J Rose Midday supervisor
Mrs H Begum Midday supervisor (Maternity leave)

Administrative Team

Michele Walsham School business manager
Dobbir Khandokar Senior administration officer
Mrs M Fellows Librarian
Mr A Makokah IT Technician

Premises Manager

Mr J O’Dea Premises manager