Each week pupils in Year 1 – 6 will receive the following homework.

  • Nightly Reading
  • Spellings
  • Learning times tables/ number bonds
  • An English Task (worksheet based)
  • A Maths Task (work sheet based)

In addition, the children are expected to complete a research project link to their topic. In KS2 a project is set for the half term. In KS1 this is broken down into smaller tasks. Each class awards a prize for best overall project and for best effort.

Where work sheets are used for English & Maths homework, teachers will provide an opportunity to go over the questions during which the children will self-mark and any misconceptions will be discussed.

Nightly Reading

The table below sets out the schools expectations for home reading each day, sharing a book with an adult


Year 1 & 2

Year 3 & 4

Year 5 & 6

15 minutes 

15 minutes

20 – 30 minutes

30 – 45 minutes


Pupils in Reception have access to Bug Club. They also receive a Phonics Reading book matched to their phonics stage and two books from the classroom.

Helpful phonics resources can be found here:

Year 1 – Year 4

Pupils have access to Bug Club.

Each half term the school adds the titles to be read, which are appropriate for the child’s reading level. Once children have read the book, there will be an opportunity for them to answer questions and complete a quiz. They will collect reward points as they go along which can be used to play games. Teachers will monitor pupil progress and share the information with them.

In addition to Bug Club, pupils in KS1 also take home a Phonics Reading book matched to their phonics stage, until all phases have been completed.

In addition to the children have the opportunity to borrow two books from the school library. 

Year 5 & 6

Pupils are provided with a home reading book. Sometimes this is a class novel that all the children are required to read to support their English unit. At other times it is a related novel, which the children will discuss in a small group in school.

In addition, the children have the opportunity to borrow two books from the school library.


Each week the children are given a number of words to learn. The children are given a weekly spelling test to check these have been learned.

When learning spellings, we recommend this approach:

Look – Cover – Write – Check

In addition, children across KS2 are tested on the relevant high frequency words for their age in the Autumn term. Results are shared with parents and the children are expected to learn the words they got wrong.

Number Facts/ Times tables

Year 1 & 2

Children are expected to practice their number bonds and in Year 2 also start to learn their times tables. Children are tested on these fortnightly.

Years 3-6

In KS2 pupils are expected to practice their focus times table and division facts of the week. All children have access to Times Tables Rock Stars to support this. Children are tested fortnightly on their times tables.