Lockdown Roadmap

The Prime Minister has announced a Road Map setting out how restrictions will change over the next few months. Please see the image below for details. The key message continues to be to reduce contacts as much as possible...

Tower Hamlets Family Information Service

The Family Information Service can be contacted on 020 7364 6495 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) where trained staff will deal with queries on your behalf.

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Whole School Target is 97%.


 Week Ending 8th October 2021

Whole School Attendance was 95.00% .



Week ending 1st October: 94.00%

Week ending 17th September: 94.06%

Week ending 10th September: 97.11%

Week ending 3rd September: 95.43%

Old Palace Term Dates


Autumn Term 1

School starts Thursday 1st September 2021

School finishes Friday 22nd October 2021


Autumn Term 2

School starts 1st November 2021

School finishes Friday 17th December 2021


Spring Term 1

School starts Tuesday 4th January 2022

School finishes Friday 11th February 2022


Spring Term 2

School starts Monday 21st February 2022

School finishes Friday 1st April 2022


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