Compulsory School Uniform


The uniform consists of the following:

  • SCARLET jumper, kameez, sweatshirts or cardigans.
  • WHITE Shirt or Polo shirt (Fred Perry style)
  • BLACK or GREY trousers, skirts, salwar and jilbaab (girls) or the kurta and topi (boys).
  • PLAIN head scarves white, black, grey or navy.


For illustration purposes, please refer to uniform gallery below. All clothing items can be bought from a high street retailer.

It is also essential that the children bring a waterproof coat/jacket, so they will remain dry in the event of wet play.

In colder weather, the need for good ventilation may mean that rooms are cooler. Therefore children should be encouraged to provide layers, which can be added/ taken off as the temperature changes.


In the Summer, sandals may be worn. These should be as plain as possible (not bright colours) and be sturdy and strapped to give support, so that they do not break or slip off when a child is running. Open toed sandals are not permitted. Also during the summer, girls may wear a gingham style dress and boys may wear grey tailored shorts. In KS2, children should change into trainers to play football in the playground. They should change back into school shoes after the break.

PE Kit

When children participate in Physical Education lessons, children must change for all activities.  Articles worn indoors must include plimsolls, shorts and a T-shirt. In colder weather children may wear a sweatshirt, jumper or fleece. For swimming, a swimming costume and hat are required. Jewellery must be removed before the start of the lesson and head scarves either removed or replaced with a bandana, which will come off easily if it becomes caught. The PE kit should consist of:  

  • PLAIN T-shirt
  • Shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Plimsolls or trainers


When KS2 pupils attend swimming lessons, their kit should consist of:

  • Swimming trunks or costume
  • Swimming hat
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Towel


As part of the admission process to our school. New children starting at Old Palace are provided with a free school book bag and a school badge/crest, which can be sewn to the school jumper. Additional school badges or replacement book bags can be purchased from the school office.


Children can wear small stud earrings but, no dangly earrings to be worn. Children are not permitted to wear chains, bracelets or rings.









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