Core Values

At Old Palace School we have adopted a set of core values, one for each month of the year.

At the end of the month, children in each class vote for the child that has shown the best Core Value of the Month. 


‚ÄčSeptember Core Value of the Month : RESPONSIBILITY

Foundation Stage RD Abrar RP Adeeba
Year 1 1O Yusuf K 1W Safa H
Year 2 2B Meeyad 2H Safa
Year 3 3H Tanzeela 3K Aleshah
Year 4 4D Manha 4T Amani
Year 5 5D Ayah 5H Rayan
Year 6 6A Anisha 6W Kaysah




October Core Value of the Month : POSITIVITY

Foundation Stage RD Wen Xen RP Ayyub
Year 1 1O Musa 1W Afreen
Year 2 2B Ilyanah 2H Tianna
Year 3 3H Matiha 3K Aribah
Year 4 4D Elisha 4T Zohha
Year 5 5D Aniyah 5H Mehreen
Year 6 6A Manha 6W Sadaat




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