Reception Home Learning

Key words



This week’s key text is Kipper’s Birthday, please read the story with your child before completing the activities.
Week 1 (22nd February – 26th February)


Week 1 (22nd February – 26th February)


Week 1 (22nd February – 26th February)


Some extra stories you might enjoy!

Story time with Mrs Rahman : Have you seen the crocodile

Story time with Miss Begum : Going on a Bear Hunt

Story time with Mrs White : Gingerbread Man

Bug Club

From Wednesday 6th January, your child will be given new Bug Club books every fortnight. Please encourage your child to read the books and complete the comprehension questions.

You can access Bug Club here:

School code: 3h7h


This week we are learning about 3D shapes and identifying them in the environment.

Look out for the challenges!

Here are some new maths activities to complete this week

Week 1 (22nd February – 26th February)

Useful websites with interactive maths games:

Have Fun!

Online Safety 

Following on from the internet safety day, here are some activities you can get your child to do, to help promote online safety.


Please use the Video clips on the PowerPoint to carry out the fitness activities 9:00am – 9:30am   – Have fun!


The children’s learning in Understanding the world has been broken down into half termly topics. This half term our topic is ‘Festivals and Celebrations’
We will upload a PowerPoint which will cover an aspect of the topic and their will be tasks for the children to complete. The PowerPoint will be changed every week, and your child’s class teacher will talk through the PowerPoint during the class zoom session.

Activity board – complete these activities, try and do one a day! Activity board 2

Have fun!

 Creative Learning

Try out these fun creative activities with your child!

Week 1 (22nd February – 26th February)