All Parents are welcome to join us for school assemblies. School assemblies normally starts at 10.10am and finish at 10.30am.

In this section of our podcast, you can find festivals assemblies from all around the world. Please remember if you like our performances, don’t forget to leave a comment below.  Thank you.

Year 1 Christmas Assembly December 2019 

Year 2 Dewali Assembly October 2019

Year 6 Eid Ul Fitr Assembly June 2019

Year 3 Passover Assembly April 2019

 Reception Vaisakhi Assembly March 2019

Year 2 Dewali Assembly November 2018

Year 6 Eid Assembly 2018

Year 3 Passover Assembly 2018


Year 2 Easter Assembly April 2017  

Year 1 Christmas Assembly 2017