Learning from Home

At this difficult time it is important to help the children maintain a routine. Here is a suggested timetable

It is also important to support your child’s mental wellbeing. We recommend:

To support your child’s physical wellbeing why not try:

Joe Wicks is offering free 30 minute PE lessons at 9am from Mon-Fri




Change4Life offers a range of games and activities



EMOTIONAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING – Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness – Suitable for PrimaryTo support your mental and physical wellbeing, you may find this relaxing and calming. 

The clips are of varying lengths, but are all fairly short.  You can access Cosmic Kids Yoga on their YouTube channel.  You will find yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed especially for primary school aged children, but there’s nothing to stop adults benefitting as well!





As the children will be accessing learning online, please make sure that they are following these top tips to help them keep safe.

Zoom Guidance

We have now started weekly online Zoom sessions.  This is a chance for your child to interact with their teacher and peers.

Please be aware of the following: 

  • The video must be on to allow the teacher and child to interact.
  • The username must be the child’s first name to allow them to access the meeting.
  • Only the child should be on the screen.
  • An adult needs to be in the room.
  • If the above is not followed, then you may be removed from the meeting.
  • The session is recorded for safeguarding purposes.

Structure of the session:

  • Children will enter the meeting once the host (teacher) arrives.
  • On entering, the teacher will mute the children. This is so everyone gets an opportunity to speak.
  • Children can respond by waving/ thumbs up and then they will be unmuted.
  • Reception and Year 1 will listen to a story read by their teacher and share their thoughts.
  • Yr 2 and KS2 will have an opportunity to go through their learning and share what they have been up to.

The times for the sessions every week:

Reception Thursday 2pm & 2:30pm Year 4 Thursday 11am & 11:30am
Year 1 Friday 12pm & 12:30pm Year 5 Friday 11am & 11:30am
Year 2 Thursday 10am & 10:30am Year 6 Thursday 12pm & 12:30pm
Year 3 Friday 10am & 10:30am  



Here are some ideas to support non-screen time:

Click on the year group links below to find details of the Reading, Spelling, Maths & Topic activities for your child/ren’s year. It is important that all children complete these activities so that they do not fall behind in their learning. Parents of SEND pupils may wish to access the learning set for younger year groups, if their child finds the activities too challenging.

The year group pages will be updated every two weeks.

Weekly activities to help your child access and understand the news can be found below. In addition, the links below provide further free resources for parents to use at home:


Teach your monster to read


Reading Realm

Stories & Poems with Michael Rosen




The Spelling Shed



White Rose Maths


Third Space Learning

Maths Shed

Bedtime Maths



General Learning

BBC Education for Reception & Early Years
BBC Education for Key Stage One
BBC Education for Key Stage Two
The School Run
Classroom Secrets

For children with SEND additional needs, to support your child’s learning, you may wish to access the learning of the year group below your child’s current year.

For children with Autism, Phoenix Outreach School have provided the following activities parents can use at home to support their child, please click here.











Year 1



Lower KS2

Year 3

Year 4



Upper KS2

Year 5

Year 6