Summer Fete Activities : Things to do and to buy

Wednesday 18th July 2018

All children will have an opportunity to visit the stalls and participate in the planned activities during the school day. If you would like your child/ren to participate in the fund raising. Please give them some spending money on the day.

Parents are welcome to join us after school from 3.30pm. Cost of Entry will be 50p per adult, children are free.

Here are some of the activities listed for the day – Merchandise to be sold:

Bric a brac – various prices, Toys start at 50p up to £3.50 including, Water beads £1, Slime​ £1, Water blasters £2, Water balloons £1, Various other items at different prices, Candy Floss £1, Popcorn £1, Ice cream £1, Ice pops 30p, Can of drink 60p, Rubicon 60p, Water bottle 50p, Various pic a mix sweets 10p – £1, Home made food stall – various prices, Bouncy castle 50p, Penalty shoot out 50p, Biscuit decorating 30p, Henna painting 50p (adults £1), Nail polish 30p (adults 50p), Face painting £1, Punch balloon with rice 50p, Hoopla 50p, Hook a duck 50p, Tombola 50p, Sand lucky dip 50p, School council plants in mugs £1 – £2, Guess how many sweets in a jar (Year 5) 50p, Art and craft – scratch art 50p

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